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Food & Cocktail Photography

Anthony Nader BIO Born and raised in Miami, FL, Anthony Nader started his photography career taking pictures in nightclubs at 14 years old. He has been shooting for 17 years now, and has dug into several facets of photography like product, sports, event and stock imagery. He was a full-time jewelry photographer for two years …

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Americano COCKTAIL BIO This cocktail, similar to the Negroni, is an evolution of a popular cocktail in Italy during the 1800 called Milano-Torino, which was a mixture of sweet vermouth (typical product of Torino) and Campari (the famous bitter created in Milano). In 1860, Mr. Gasparre Campari’s bar started to serve a version that would …

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Tommy’s Margarita

Tommy’s Margarita BIO Tommy’s Margarita was invented in 1990 by tequila legend, Julio Bermejo, at Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco, California. It features a simple twist on a classic margarita still using tequila and lime juice as a base, but substitutes the triple sec with agave nectar instead. This creates a more tasty lower …

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Daiquiri COCKTAIL BIO The daiquiri was created at the end of 1800 by Jennings Stockton Cox, an American engineer who was working with his team at an iron mine in Cuba during the American-Spanish War. Cox created the mixture with what he had in hand: white rum, lime, and sugar. The result was incredibly delicious …

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Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned BIO The Old Fashioned was born in the very early days of the Cocktail Era, around 1800. But the first references can be found in the 1862’s book “The Bartender’s Guide” written by the one who is considered the father of bartending, Jerry Thomas. The recipe was called “Whiskey Cocktail” and it was …

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Martini Cocktail COCKTAIL BIO The martini is recognized as the king of the cocktail world thanks to its mysterious evolution and its appearance in many glamour movies. No one really knows the martini’s exact origins, but the most probable theory is that this cocktail was created between the end of 1800 and the beginning of …

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Negroni COCKTAIL BIO The Negroni is the most famous aperitif cocktail. It’s perfect before a meal because of his ingredients, which are richly infused with spices, herbs, and roots. There are properties that help the stomach get ready for the meal. These spices and herbs allow for a bold and bitter, yet refreshing flavor profile. …

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Directing your own Movie

Victoria Collado BIO Victoria Collado is a Cuban American from Miami who can currently be found in New York City. Her main focus is to merge the movement world with naturalist plays in order to create exciting theatrical experiences. She recently directed the immersive theatre piece, AMPARO, written by Vanessa Garcia in partnership with Havana …

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Behind a cup of Tea

Mike Ortiz BIO Michael Ortiz is a tea master who was introduced to Taiwanese gongfu tea at a small Buddhist temple in Miami called Zen Village in 2009. Over the next few years, tea snuck into his life and took on greater and greater significance as a practice. One day his teacher at Zen Village …

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